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Pressure Washing Sacramento

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This concrete cleaning job in Sacramento was really dirty, it was covered in moss and black mold.  With my pressure washing surface cleaner I cleaned the concrete and treated with chlorine to kill black mold.

Concrete Cleaning Roseville

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Here are some before and after pics of concrete I pressure washed in Roseville.  The concrete had 17 years of dirt built up.

House Cleaning Sacramento

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This Sacramento house was covered in spider webs and dirt.  I used softwashing instead of high pressure washing to clean this house.

Brick Cleaning Chico Ca

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This brick floor was real slippery before the cleaning.  We put down a heavy solution of chlorine to kill the moss and to prevent future slip hazards.

Brick Cleaning Sacramento

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This brick wall was covered in moss. We cleaned it applied a chlorine to keep it from coming back.

Concrete Cleaning West Sacramento

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This concrete cleaning job was in West Sacramento and was covered in green algae.  I cleaned the concrete and then applied a chlorine solution to kill what can’t be seen.

Commercial Building Wash Sacramento, Ca

This was metal building I cleaned in Butte City, Ca that was extremely dirty.  I used softwashing to clean the whole building, and came out looking new.  The customer was completely shocked when he saw how clean the building was, and that I did not have to use a lift or ladders.